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Automatic fast dispense taps

Automatic Fast Dispense Taps

Improve Productivity, Maximise Sales and Increase Keg Yields

Qualflow's patented Velx fast tap allows you sell over four hundred pints per hour leading to shorter queues, less staff and increased sales when compared to a conventional free flow tap.

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Why Choose the Velx Swift Tap

Automatic fast dispense taps


Operation: Button press for half Pint, full Pint and Jug metered pour. Button hold for top off. Button combination hold for Clean and Calibrate modes

Pour Speed: Lager 4 - 5 seconds depending on line size, run length and temperature. Smooth (e.g. Guinness) 6 - 7 seconds

Cooling & Tubing: 3/8” beer line for run length less than 15m (including cooler coil). 2x3/8” or 1⁄2” beer line for run length greater 15m. Tap cooling (recirculation) tubes: 3/8”

Dispense Temperature: Determined by keg storage temp. Typically twice normal cooling capacity is required for speed of pour and anticipated demand.*

Keg Dispense Pressure: Max 45psi/3.0 bar CO2/Mixed Gas

Input Voltage: Mains input 100-110VAC or 220-240VAC 50-60Hz to 24VAC transformer. Operating Voltage, 24VAC

* Contact Qualflow for details