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Portable Beer-Line Cleaner for Dispense Technicians & Quality Service Teams

Designed with brewers and quality service teams, the PLCS is the most cost-effective way to distribute the benefits of beer-line cleaning equipment across multiple customer outlets.

The PLCS makes the process of cleaning beer-lines economic, faster, better and safer compared to manual line cleaning methods. Housed in a military specification case, the PLCS is designed to clean beer-lines on an industrial scale and is used by a major Irish brewer to perform over one million line cleaning operations per year.

Optional Bluetooth and Verify app provides real-time monitoring of beer-line cleaning visits and clean quality data. Our Verify-Clean app is currently validating over 10,000 unique beer-line cleaning visits every month.

PLCS Options:

  • PLCS Automatic with Vortex
  • PLCS Automatic
  • PLCS Manual