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Fixed True Automatic Beer-Line Cleaner for Pub Companies & Large Venue Operators

Derived form the Latin word “Verax” meaning true or truthful, Qualflow’s VerxClean™ is the first beer-line cleaner to deliver true automatic beer-line cleaning. VerxClean is designed for pub companies, restaurant chains and large venues to ensure the line cleaning process is standardized across multiple outlets.

Optional Bluetooth and Verify app provides real-time monitoring of beer-line cleaning visits and clean quality data. Our Verify-Clean app is currently validating over 10,000 unique beer-line cleaning visits every month.

Fixed automatic beer-line cleaning system

When Tested Against Leading Brands VerxClean:

Improves line hygiene by a factor of 20 ensuring you deliver brewery fresh beer with every serve

Provides true one button operation

Increases keg yields

Reduces clean cycle time by 30%