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How Qualflow is Helping Venues Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Case Study 1

UK Pub Chain Chooses Qualflow's Fixed Line Cleaning Systems


Case Study 2

Major Brewer Chooses Qualflow's Portable Line Cleaning Systems


Case Study 3

Major Venue Reduces The Cost of Beer-line Cleaning by 90% Using Beer Saver


Case Study 4

45,000 Seater Stadium Installs the Velx Swift Tap Across All Its Bars


Case Study 4: 45,000 Seater Stadium Installs the Velx Swift Tap Across All Its Bars

45,000 Seater Stadium ‘Páirc Uí Chaoimh’ Installs the Velx Swift Tap Across All Its Bars

Gaelic sports fans and concert goers at the newly redeveloped Páirc Uí Chaoimh can now enjoy a cool beer or cider served in seconds from Qualflow’s Velx swift taps. The new stadium situated by the Lee river has a capacity of 45,000. With an average dispense time of 6 seconds per twin spout, the patent pending Velx dispense system can pour 10,500 pints during gameplay intermission to ensure that thirsty fans get a pint when beer demand is at its peak.

Qualflow was selected by a major brewer to develop and supply the new Velx Twin Tap for the stadium. While the stadium was being redeveloped, Qualflow engineers worked with the brewer and the stadium caterer, Compass, on all aspects of the dispense system including, python selection, cooling requirements and bar layout. The dispense solution developed by the joint team uses beer pumps to ensure high speed of pour in bars located at the south stand. Bars on the south stand are located 15m above and 120m away from the keg store.

Beer Saver Reduces Beer Loss by Up to 90%

The system also uses Qualflow’s electronic foam on beer detectors, eFOB, to signal taps to stop a serve when a keg empties. This ensure the lines stay pressurised and full of beer between keg changes. Beer loss is further reduced by use of a semi-automated beer saver device. Beer Saver works with the taps beer saver function and allows approximately 90% of the beer to be sold. This beer would normally be wasted at the end of events.

To complete the dispense solution, the brewer dispense technicians regularly clean the beer-lines using the Qualflow portable line cleaner, PLCS.

With the new dispense system the stadium and its catering partner will be able to maximize beer sales at games and concerts and minimize losses due to long layovers between events.