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The Latest News from Qualflow Systems

A Successful Drinktec 2017 for Qualflow Systems

10 | 12 | 17

Qualflow would like to thank all our friends, customers and new visitors for making Drinktec 2017 a great success. We will be following up with you all in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more or speak directly to our sales team, please email us at info@qualflow.com

Our product portfolio is full of new innovations in fast beer dispense and beer-line cleaning. The company’s commitment to make fast dispense simple and economic continues with the introduction of the Velx Twin and Velx Multi Pour. With average pour speeds of a pint in six seconds, the Velx Twin and Multi Pour ensure you have the capacity to refresh thirsty fans at festivals, stadia, arenas and events. The Verx suite of taps work with our eFOB, Automatic Keg Changer and Beer Saver, making Qualflow your complete dispense solution partner.

Velx Swift Tap at the Roundhouse London

02 | 02 | 17

Roundhouse, the famous music and performing arts venue, has hosted some of the world's greatest musicians including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. We are delighted to announce that the Velx Swift Tap will be installed in the historical, circular building in Camden.

With only four components, Velx simplifies metered-dispense. The simple design reduces the cost of ownership compared to other fast pour systems.

The fonts slick, tubular design and brushed stainless steel finish will fit right in at the Roundhouse bars

Velx Swift Tap Pours a Pint in Four Seconds

10 | 08 | 16

This summer sees the official launch of our Swift Tap, Velx. Launched this summer on Kit and Caboodle's mobile bars, Velx has dispensed 1000s of beers at many of the UK’s biggest events and summer festivals such as Cheltenham.

Benefits of the fully automated tap include; 500ml lager pour in four seconds and portion control which reduces waste and increases keg yield. This results in increased beer sales with less staff.

Operation is simple with button press for half pint, full pint and jug metered pour; button hold for top off and button combination press for calibration and clean modes.

Excellent beer presentation and tap styling make Velx suitable for both stadiums and high volume premium outlets.

Southampton F.C. Installs the Complete Stadium Solution

01 | 08 | 16

When combined with our Automatic Keg Changers, Beer Sell Off System, and Beer Line Cleaning Systems, the Velx Automatic Fast Dispense Tap positions Qualflow as the only supplier of a complete dispense solution for the global stadium market. We are delighted to announce that Southampton Football Club have recently started the rollout of Velx, Automatic Keg Changers and our Beer Sell Off System across all bars in the stadium.

When installed each keg changer and Velx set will have the capacity to serve ~450 pints/hour. Between events the dispense system and beer-lines will be kept clean and ready for the next game using our mobile line cleaner PLCS.

We wish Southampton F.C. every success this season in sport and with their new dispense system.

Qualflow Develops New Compact Beer-Line Cleaner for Innserve

03 | 11 | 15

Innserve, the leading UK dispense service company, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Qualflow's history as a supplier to Innserve spans almost all of these years. In fact, Innserve was Qualflow's first UK customer and we are delighted that the fixed beer-line cleaner we supplied is still in operation at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

Over the years, we have continued to provide innovative beer-line cleaning solutions to Innserve, including the PLCS portable beer-line cleaner. The PLCS is used by Innserve's service technicians to clean beer-lines at stadiums and venues with large tap numbers. For its restaurants and smaller pub operators, Innserve needed a compact hand-carry line cleaning pump, suitable for cleaning small tap numbers. To meet this requirement, Qualflow in partnership with Innserve, developed the Mini-PLCS. The Mini-PLCS is truely compact with case dimensions of 36x29x16cm. It is housed in a military specification hand-carry case and shares many of the features of the highly reliable PLCS. A compact 24V pump delivers turbulent-flowing detergent, providing additional mechanical action to ensure lines are cleaned to the highest standard. Following evaluation of a number of prototypes, Qualflow shipped the first lot of Mini-PLCS line cleaners to Innserve this summer.

We are proud to be a supplier to Innserve and we wish them continued success.

In Recirc mode, detergent is recirculated to enhance the turbulent action of the detergent. The mechanical action due to turbulence gives a clean that is up to 50% more effective than the traditional soak. Vortex has a number of unique technologies to ensure operation during the turbulent regime. In addition a Bluetooth module allows communication with the Vortex App on the dispense engineers iPad. The data can be uploaded to the cloud, allowing remote monitoring and reporting of line cleaning activity. When the roll-out phase is complete with Diageo Ireland, the Vortex App will provide updates on beer-line cleaning activity from ~10,000 monthly pub visits.

Qualflow Attending BrauBeviale 2015

7 | 09 | 15

It is that time of the year again when Qualflow head off to Nuremberg to attend Europe’s premier beverage and brewing exhibition, Brau. Company founders Ciaran O'Morain and Dr. Justin Lawler will meet with a number of customers including key equipment suppliers and brewers. This year we will be introducing our latest beer-line cleaning innovation Vortex. Developed with Diageo Ireland, Vortex has two modes of operation, traditional soak or re-circulation (Recirc).

In Recirc mode, detergent is recirculated to enhance the turbulent action of the detergent. The mechanical action due to turbulence gives a clean that is up to 50% more effective than the traditional soak. Vortex has a number of unique technologies to ensure operation during the turbulent regime. In addition a Bluetooth module allows communication with the Vortex App on the dispense engineers iPad. The data can be uploaded to the cloud, allowing remote monitoring and reporting of line cleaning activity. When the roll-out phase is complete with Diageo Ireland, the Vortex App will provide updates on beer-line cleaning activity from ~10,000 monthly pub visits.

VerxClean Installed in Wetherspoon's Three Tun Tavern

14 | 08 | 14

VerxClean our fully automated beer-line cleaner, is installed in several Wetherspoon pubs in the UK but we are especially pleased to announce that VerxClean was installed in The Three Tun Tavern, Wetherspoon's first pub in southern Ireland. The pub opened last July in Dublin's leafy suburb of Blackrock. The beautifully refurbished interior reflects the local history and adds considerably to the enjoyment of a pint.

The enjoyment and quality of the beer is also helped by VerxClean. Unlike other beer-line cleaners, VerxClean keeps lines full of detergent during all stages of the clean cycle, to give best-in-class line hygiene. This in turn allows our customers to serve brewery fresh beer. Visit our website to learn how VerxClean can help you improve beer quality, keg yield and sales.

Introducing VerxClean - True Automatic Beer-Line Cleaning

20 | 05 | 14

Qualflow are delighted to announce the introduction of VerxClean™. Derived from the Latin word “Verax” meaning true or truthful, VerxClean offers the pub and hospitality industry full automation of the beer-line cleaning process. With VerxClean, it is now possible to clean lines to the highest standard across multiple outlets. This in turn increases beer sales, keg yields and group profitability.

VerxClean combines Qualflow’s established detergent delivery technology with new patent pending Smart Hoses to automate all steps of the cleaning process. The Smart Hoses automate the closing of beer taps to ensure lines remain full of detergent during the traditional soak stage of the clean.

Automating this critical step allows true “one button” operation and best in class beer-line hygiene. This in turn allows our customers to deliver brewery fresh beer with every serve.

The technology is field proven and has been in operation with a major UK pub group for the past year. Thanks to our friends at Xylem Water Solutions Inc, VerxClean will get its first public viewing at this year's National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.

Visit us at the Xylem stand and explore our website to learn more.

New Auto-Keg Changer Keeps Beer Flowing Throughout Europe

18 | 01 | 14

The O2 London, Brewers Spendrups (Stockholm), and Revels and House Dublin are among some of the first customers to install Qualflow’s new compact Auto-Keg Changer.

Based on Qualflow’s established keg changer technology the new compact system works with freeflow and automated dispense systems. For high speed dispense applications the keg changer is fitted with an extra large FOB.

Auto-Keg Changer allows you maximize sales by allowing uninterrupted service in high volume outlets such as clubs, stadiums and busy pubs.

Unlike other keg chargers Qualflow’s changer works with one, two or three kegs so you only tap what you need. Keg status lights allow staff identify full, empty and serving kegs during service. This unique feature combined with automatic FOB venting means that staff only have to swap out empty kegs during service to allow true uninterrupted flow.

Qualflow Systems Attends Drinktec

18 | 09 | 13

We were delighted to attend Drinktec 2013 on the Lancer stand. Visitors to the stand learnt how our latest beer-line cleaning technologies, Beer SellOff and Auto-Keg Changer can help maximise profits.

Growing Number of Venues Choose SellOff

15 | 08 | 13

Gibney's, the famous north county Dublin pub, has joined the growing number of tier one venues to install SellOff.

Installed on sixteen beer-lines, SellOff will reduce beer wastage due to line cleaning by approximately 1,232 pints per annum. The staff at Gibney's have traditionally managed beer wastage due to line cleaning using manual methods. However, in busy pubs like Gibney's, manual methods are not always effective and wastage can remain high. With SellOff, bar managers can shut down and sell off beer in the line from the bar with the simple press of a button. The simplicity of operation is the key to the success of Qualflows's automated beer sell off system.

Located in Belfast’s University district the iconic Botanic Inn, or Bot as it is known locally, installed Qualflow’s Beer SellOff system to help reduce the high cost of cleaning its beer-lines.

Since installation on forty beer-lines, SellOff has helped staff reduce beer-line cleaning wastage by up to 90%. With over forty lines requiring regular cleaning, managing the sale of beer in the lines before cleaning has not been practical using manual methods. SellOff has solved this problem by eliminating all manual intervention. Staff can now turn line cleaning wastage into beer sales at the touch of a button.

English cricket had a great season at Lord's this year. The grounds, catering and bar staff also had a win with Beer SellOff. Installed on 64 beer-lines, SellOff is reducing beer wastage by up to 320 pints before the lines are cleaned using our portable line cleaner, PLCS.

New Beer SellOff™ System Makes Cleaning Affordable Without Compromising Beer Quality

10 | 09 | 12

Qualflow’s Beer SellOff™ is the first fully automated beer sell off system that can turn losses from beer-line cleaning into sales. Available this summer, Beer SellOff helps pubs drive down the cost of maintaining good beer-line hygiene.

Unlike other systems that claim to save money by reducing the need to clean beer-lines regularly, Beer SellOff reduces line cleaning costs without compromising on the quality delivered by regular line cleaning. Moreover, because clean beer-lines deliver quality beer, customer satisfaction, loyalty and therefore sales, increase.

Beer SellOff is simple to operate using a one touch selector located in the bar. This means that staff can simply and conveniently select the lines they want to use for sell off. Beer SellOff’s automation allows bar staff manage the shutdown and sell off of products in a controlled and practical way.

This is unlike other beer-saver systems, that require manual intervention and frequent trips to the cellar.

Major Irish Brewer Equips Service Team With Qualflow’s Beer-Line Cleaning Technology

10 | 03 | 12

A major Irish brewer has just completed equipping its entire field services team with 200 of Qualflow’s portable beer-line cleaning systems (PLCS). The PLCS replaces the traditional wash bottle to deliver improved productivity and better beer-line hygiene.

On a monthly basis the PLCS systems are used to clean over 104,000 beer-lines. This represents over one million line cleaning procedures in a year. The sheer scale of the line cleaning operation is a testament to the robustness and quality of the company’s equipment.

The project was one of Qualflow's major success stories last year and is the culmination of a major scope of work that included:

  • Co-design of a new beer-line cleaning process with the brewer.
  • Development and evaluation of the new process at multiple venues, pubs, hotel bars and restaurants.
  • Rollout of the PLCS technology including new process and equipment training to the brewers quality team.
  • Ongoing validation of the new line cleaning process and PLCS equipment performance.

Project results to date demonstrate that the PLCS delivers improved productivity, better line hygiene and serve quality compared to the traditional wash bottle.